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sirens cheerleading society

The Sirens Cheerleading Society was founded in 2006 by Jenn Hogan with the intent of performing at sports events as well as at Bops. It was thought to be strange that a university as old as St Andrews had no one to support the sports teams, and the Sirens took over that role. The club grew each year and built upon previous skills - becoming a friendly and inclusive society aimed at all levels with the objective to keep fit and have fun!

The Sirens will always hold a special place in our hearts as the founders of such a great club. Without them, none of our achievements would have been possible.

Saints Cheerleading Club

Four years later, under President Emma Gilliland, the club became affiliated with the Athletic Union, making it an official sports club. For the first time, professional coaching was brought in and the club began to emphasise stunting and tumbling rather than simply dancing. A change in uniform marked this change and the club grew into the Saints Cheerleading Club as it stands today.

What's Next?

2016 brought another uniform change with a more professional and athletic look as the Saints continued to grow. Over the past few years we have competed at Levels 2, 3 and 4, in both All Girl and Co-Ed divisions.

This year we have entered two competitions: Future Cheer in Manchester and BCA University Nationals in Derby! Our main squad is competing in the All Girl Level 2 division, and we have also entered two All Girl Level 2 group stunts and one All Girl Level 3 group stunt.

If you were a former Siren or Saint we would love to hear from you!

We love to hear from our alumni! Drop us an email if you want more details about what we're up to or want to come and watch us perform at shows or competitions – even cheerleaders need cheering on!

winners of the head cheerleaders' award

2019 - Amy Niven

2018 - Freya Kenny

2017 - Charlotte Hoyle

2016 - Nina Euele

2015 - Leah Tytek

2014 - Eleanor Williams

2013 - Olivia Marr

2012 - Andrea Demetriou

2011 - Emma Gilliland

Freya Kenny, 2018