The Club

About the Club

Founded by Jenn Hogan in 2006, The Sirens Cheerleading Society began in order to support sports teams including basketball, volleyball and rugby over the years as well as performing at various Bops. It was thought to be strange that a university as old as St Andrews had no one to support the sports teams, and the Sirens took over that niche. Every year the club grew and has built upon previous skills - becoming a friendly and inclusive society aimed at all levels with the objective to keep fit and have fun!

In 2010 the Sirens became affiliated with the AU and were no longer a society, instead becoming an official sports club. Over the academic year of 2010-11 professional coaching was brought in for the first time and we worked our way through Level 1 and 2 stunting and tumbling skills, with 4 of our girls picking up coaching qualifications along the way!

On our 5th anniversary it was decided that the club would change its name to the Saints Cheerleading Club and a new uniform would be designed to align with the other Saints Sport teams and mark our place as an official AU club.

2011 also saw the introduction of our first annual trophy, courtesy of the outgoing head cheerleaders Leanne Blunsden and Samantha Harrison. This award, known as the Head Cheerleaders' Award is to be presented to the most dedicated member each year for all their hard work and enthusiasm.

In November 2011, the squad won 2nd place at their first competition, the Scotcheer 2 Winter Snowcase and in April 2012 brought home 7th place at Scotcheer Nationals (the biggest competition in the Scottish cheerleading calendar!)

The 2012/13 season saw the club enter their first University level competition at BCA in Telford, entering as a team in the All-girl Cheer Level 2 division as well as Level 2 and Level 3 Individual Group Stunts.

Last year the club became Co-Ed and attended FutureCheer DisneyLand Paris and BCA Telford. They entered as a team in Co-Ed Level 2 and had 3 Individual Group Stunt groups; All-Girl Level 2, All-Girl Level 3, Co-Ed Level 3.

2014/15 saw the club expand once more, with the Saints entering 3 competitions: ICC Scottish Championships, ACDC Superstar Challenge & the BCA University and National Championships in Telford. As well as moving up a level, now competing in Co-Ed Level 3, the Saints successfully entered 5 Individual Stunt Groups throughout the season! The Saints were so successful in fact, they were awarded a bid to the European Summit during the summer.

Over the last two years we have kept performing at Level 3, with 4 stunt groups throughout the divisions. We competed at Legacy Stand Strong, Future Cheer Universities and BCA Nationals in both the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons. 2016/17 also saw the club change uniforms again to a more professional and athletic look, complete with lots of sparkly and shiny new bows. This year, we are aiming to compete at level 2 due to the large intake of new members (all our old ones graduated, we will miss you!) with 4 stunt groups - competitions TBC!

Overall, it has been an incredible development for the Saints and we can't wait to see how we grow over the coming year!

Winners of the Head Cheerleaders' Award

2018 - Freya Kenny

2017 - Charlotte Hoyle

2016 - Nina Euele

2015 - Leah Tytek

2014 - Eleanor Williams

2013 - Olivia Marr

2012 - Andrea Demetriou

2011 - Emma Gilliland